The Adoption Process

Having worked to complete hundreds of adoptions over the past 2 decades, Gordon Lewis has developed a unique tool to help families understand the various steps required in the adoption journey. This general 20 step procedure, basic to all adoption programs, allows for time and money management, as each step will have a time and financial cost.

Once you begin the adoption process, this simple overview allows a quick and efficient summarization of where you are in your adoption, and also helps to organize families as they prepare to complete each stage.

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20-Step Procedure

Phase I: File and Family Preparation

1. Application and Interview
2. Home Study (Find Adoption Practitioner)
3. Provincial Approval
4. Immigration (CIC Sponsorship file)
5. Document Accumulation

Phase II: File Preparation (Pre-Forwarding)

6. Translation (if needed) and Ensuring travel documents are in order
7. Notarization
8. External Affairs (Ottawa)
9. Authentication at Consulate
10. Review of File

Phase III: Preparation for Overseas File Application

11. File Forwarding
12. Initial Foreign Adoption Costs
13. Child Proposal
14. Immigration for Child
15. Official Adoption

Phase IV: Court Adoption Proceedings and Return Home

16. Travel to Country (Timing differs for each country)
17. Bonding with Child
18. Post-Adoption Support Services through Adoption Practitioner
19. Post Adoption Requirements
20. Parent Association Activities