The Adoption Process
Frequently Asked Questions

Custom Adoption File

Custom designing of a file to meet the family’s special circumstances

Families sometimes just need advice about their particular circumstance. TEARS coaching have helped a lot of families deal with unique or special circumstance adoptions not straightforward in their development

            Some specific adoptions that will require coaching first are;

  1. Sickness or past diagnoses such as cancer
  2. Psychological disorders
  3. Past criminal charges not involving children
  4. Requesting adoption of a relative child
  5. Requesting adoption of  an identified child
  6. Requesting an adoption from a country not yet licensed to an agency
  7. Single parents or common law relationships
  8. Canadian residence living abroad including missionaries

If you have been told you cannot adopt because of any of the above or some other reason TEARS coaching may be able to help. 

Please complete the form below! If you would like information about TEARS consuliting custom adoption files services.

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