The Adoption Process
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Our Staff

Gordon Lewis , Executive Director

Gordon is a passionate orator and a selfless crusader for best practice principals for Inter-country Adoptions. A Minister by profession, Gordon launched into humanitarian work and championed the cause of orphaned children in need of families with his wife Diane. Gordon has a strong educational background in Theology and Psychology, and has more than two decades work experience in the field of child welfare and development. With well over 2 decades of dedicated service as a Director in International Adoptions. As an adoptive parent himself, Gordon is able to empathize with families as he expertly navigates them through their journey toward parenthood.

Gordon also is the founder and Executive Director of Mission of T.E.A.R.S. a Canadian registered charitable organization which serves to provide spiritual, educational and support services to children and families around the world.

Elizabeth Diane Lewis, International Humanitarian Coordinator

Diane is the co-founder with her husband Gordon for Mission of T.E.A.R.S. and is very committed to the cause of children. Her strength is based in her faith and child care personal experience as an adoptive mother. Her strong counseling skills and understanding in family and women's issues have evolved first hand from working internationally. Diane has become more involved over recent years with the management of overseas programs for children left behind in orphanages and never to be adopted. Her skills from her teaching and work with disabled children here in Canada have allowed for development and support for those working with similar children in orphanages overseas.